Dental Hygine Services

Dental Hygienist

Our dental hygienists here at Absolute Dental, Manchester have been specially trained to work directly with your dentist. They play an important part in dental healthcare and while they are mainly concerned with gum health, demonstrating the correct home care.

Supporting our dentists

Our hygienists are trained to carry out a number of procedures, including dental x-rays, and can give your teeth a thorough, deep clean, helping to reduce the build up of plaque. They’re able to advise you on every aspect of oral health and cleaning, enabling you to take good care of your teeth in between dental appointments.

Prevent dental disease

Regular removal of tartar by our hygienist goes a long way towards preventing gum disease and other problems. If you do have any concerns, we provide a complete range of dental services to tackle all your issues and we also offer cosmetic dentistry. We’ll take care of your whole family’s dental health.

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