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C Thru® Clear Aligners offer an effective and discrete orthodontic solution for patients wanting the confidence of a great smile, quickly and without the discomfort and aesthetic impairment of a full scale orthodontic solution.

Our simple system makes treatment hassle-free for both clinician and patient.

  • Easy to order: Send us silicone or alginate impressions, or use our online prescription form
  • Almost invisible for the patient, and much more comfortable to wear than traditional appliances
  • More cost effective than the market leader
  • Excellent after sales and support. We’re here to support you from day 1 of your EasiSmile journey
  • Training available

C Thru® Clear Aligners:

  • Are a staged treatment: the patient wears each C Thru® positioner until passive, around 2-3 weeks, and then replaces with the next positioner, with an average of 6-8 aligners per arch
  • Offers highly accurate incremental movements
  • Includes a space analysis being carried out for each case
  • Is a highly cost effective solution for the clinician and patient
  • Is designed and manufactured here in the UK at the ArchformByte laboratory.
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