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Dental bridges are one of the restorative options available for replacing missing teeth that you may have lost due to infection or injury.

Bridges are fixed onto the existing teeth adjacent to the gap where one or more teeth are missing. Your dentist will attach a crown to the teeth on either side of the space, before cementing a custom-made restoration in place between the crowns.

If have three or more Missing Teeth in a row, leading to a large gap, we can make a bridge which is fixed on Dental Implants to restore your chewing ability and smile.

Typically, a bridge is made from porcelain fixed to metal or ceramics. The prosthetics are a natural colour to resemble your existing teeth.

A dental bridge is beneficial because it improves your smile, boosting your confidence, and restores functionality such as chewing and speaking.

A bridge can prevent your natural teeth from shifting and creating a problem with your bite. It can also reduce bone loss in the jaw area, helping to maintain the overall aesthetic structure of your face. Bridges are permanent and will not move like dentures.


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