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At Absolute Dental, we are proud to offer a revolutionary new system for manufacturing ceramic dental restorations, saving our patients time and hassle.

The CEREC® system involves two pieces of equipment which allow us to create porcelain crowns, inlays, onlays, or veneers on-site, almost instantly.

The CEREC® Omnicam scanner creates a digital impression of your teeth, so no more messy impressions. A 3D image is then sent to a computer, which transmits the information to a milling machine. The machinery then fabricates a new crown from strong, natural-looking porcelain. The dentist will be able to fit this crown immediately.

Thanks to CEREC® technology, a patient can go all the way from initial consultation to leaving the practice with a high-quality restoration in one visit.

At Absolute Dental, we value your time and are always looking at new ways to provide effective, advanced treatments for our patients.

Call us on 0161 773 9922 to book a consultation or if you would like any more information about the CEREC® system.

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