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Dentists recommend complete dentures for patients with no or very few natural teeth remaining or partial dentures for those who have lost several adjacent teeth.

At Absolute Dental, we appreciate the importance of replacing Missing Teeth. Not doing so promptly could lead to problems such as the remaining teeth shifting out of alignment or bone loss in the jaw. You may experience issues chewing and speaking, as well as a sagging facial appearance, causing premature ageing.

If you and your dentist have agreed that dentures are right for you, they will thoroughly assess your gums and supporting bone structure, and a detailed impression of your mouth will be taken to ensure the most comfortable fit possible.

Dentures are custom-made with prosthetic teeth in a shade that closely matches your natural teeth to minimise any changes in your appearance.

At Absolute Dental, we offer our patients modern dentures, designed to be comfortable as well as functional. We work closely with our patients until they are satisfied with the fit of their dentures and their overall appearance.

If you are interested in dentures, call us on 0161 773 9922 to book a consultation.

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